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Welt aus Schrift – World as Words


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Welt aus Schrift – The 20th Century in Europe and the USA

At its heart, this exhibition, organized by the Art Library, explores the sign system formed by the many alphabet fonts used in Europe and the USA since 1890, and how that sign system was variously dissected and recreated over time in books, magazines, advertising, posters and printed matter of every kind. With more than 500 objects on display, visitors are granted a comprehensive insight into the linguistic diversity of graphic design.

Photos of the Welt aus Schrift posters outside the Kunstbibliothek, Berlin. An excellent exhibition focussing on European and American fonts and applied graphics.

Satisfying my love of Bauhaus it was great to see works and artefacts by Moholy-Nagy, Mies van der Rohe and of course Herbert Bayers’ Universal.

Whilst physically compact the exhibition covers a lot of ground with high walls covered. It would be great to see this exhibition travel.

Kulturforum Berlin

Kulturforum Berlin

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