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Wordyprocessy: Deep joy

Sometimes things enter our culture and everyone bangs on about them: Facebook, Twitter, Quorn. You know, endless updates of how good, great, bad awful, life-savingly dangerous it all is. In these endless rants the thing itself gets lost, becomes less important than the talk about it.

But then some things sneak in through the back door and we don’t really notice, deep joy. Yes that’s one, “Deep Joy”, Stanley Unwin I think started that phrase. It’s a term that I have used for years, but then I have had a few years to use it. Recently the great Ãœber Luvvie himself Stephen (2 mill) Fry was outed on TV for being the originator of the term Luvvie. He feigned shame but who wouldn’t get a smug satisfaction from adding to a language? Before I move on, Achingly Beautiful any one? My suspicions are that it is the Nosferatu like used car salesman who briefly played with the Big Bores on TV car shows. I’m sorry but cars, even Ferrari 250′s, Achingly Beautiful?

Wordyprocessy. Deep joy

Let’s get on track, the day is young but not ageing well. I came across this video the other day, through Twitter and it served as a great reminder of the fact that some things do actually change. I bought my first computer in the early 90′s and yes it was an Amstrad.

Lesson 1
I bought an Amstrad, not because it was cheap, it wasn’t particularly, nor because it was particularly good, it was an 086 and 286 computers were kicking around. No I bought it because the combined efforts of Mr Sugar and Dixons made it almost impossible not to buy it. Dixons even split it over two credit deals (dodgy) to get the sale. OK I’m a multiple sinner.

The computer had a 30meg hard drive ooh err (Dick Emery or Kenneth Williams, you choose) and was the basis for my business office for about 5 years. It never let me down.

Now I remember that my computer cost me £1800 which at the time was an unfathomable amount. Figures like that become etched on our memories. What fascinates me about this video is the £499 price, around what an iPad sells for now.

An iPad is no more a full on business machine than the Amstrad PCW 9512 was but try using the Amstrad as an impromptu tea tray? In this interim period though change has occurred, change on a massive scale.

Someone tell me what a 1990 five hundred quid would get me now?

Ding Dong. (Leslie Phillips)

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