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Who’s Been Looking At My Site Then?

I’ve said before, I’m a bit of a stats watcher: sad but true. So last month this blog had it’s highest readership ever, thankfully this just continues the trend which is good news indeed. We put a lot of effort into our blogging don’t we?

So who looks at the site?

I have a couple of data gathering resources, Google Analytics and the built in WordPress stats, between them they offer a fair amount of data. I can see that there is a good spread of access in to my sites. Although search engines are the major source probably not enough to win an election: referring sites and direct traffic are solid runners up.

Where in The World Are You?

Well I can see that there is a huge imbalance in my readership, most of it is from the UK, which for me is good because I am looking to trade principally within the UK at this point. That said I am heartened by my strong readership bases in California and New York as with good readership throughout Europe.

Closer to home I get a lot of hits from London as well as the South West. In the latter I can see that I have a good readership not only from Exeter but also places like Taunton, Truro and Plymouth are very well represented.

So How Much Detail do You Want?

Plymouth University Visits

Plymouth University Visits

OK, as the above image shows we can, if we choose, mine down to get a fair amount detailed info. The above graph shows that the source (The University of Plymouth) is pretty much providing a single ‘return’ reader who clearly intends to be there. The 1.28% bounce rate is extremely low. We see a slightly low (for the site) depth of readership at 2.76 pages/visit and quite a low time on site, compared to the site viewers as a whole. Clearly good strong growth in readership from this source.

Is There a Sense To Be Made of This?

In an ideal world we want our websites to have quality readership, we don’t want them to be the equivalent of the chip shop papers. How this quality is defined will of course be different for each site. I am always impressed by the growing number of site owners who analyse their data, particularly bounce rate.

Be warned, sometimes you end up with more questions than answers ; 0

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