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Web Hosting from Exeter’s Design Credo

Exeter based Design Credo have once again brought web-hosting in-house.

WordPress website design specialists DesignCredo have made this move in order to ensure high quality stable web-hosting and security for their sites.

Website technology continues to move forward and with it the hosting needs develop. As with any website, WordPress sites work best if kept lean and trim. But, by their very nature, they frequently offer a huge amount of functionality and on occasions this does require slightly more complex hosting needs to ensure all of the plugins and add-ons work appropriately.

Protect Your Assets

It is easy to get caught unprepared; In the last year we have helped customers out who have lost their websites due to their existing suppliers ‘going to the wall’. As matter of course we regularly back-up sites for our customers and on more than one occasion this practice enabled upload a replacement site to temporary space when the existing hosting had vanished. We have also helped people out who have lost their domains through the years.

Whoever is hosting your site we would urge you to ensure you regularly back up your website and any databases that the site may rely on.

The problem to any interruption of service is that there may be a knock-on effect with search engines such as Google. These search engines regularly visit sites to see if they have changed, if so the sites are re-indexed (it’s a bit like a massive stock check.) The problem is that if Google visits your site and your hosting has failed the search engine will probably assume that the site has disappeared, as such it will no longer be listed in search engines. If this happens the lead time to getting a site re-listed can be weeks, running into months. Of course Design Credo have a few tricks up their sleeves to expedite this process but it is one situation where even we would be loathed to offer a firm guarantee.

With all of this in mind built into our hosting is simple one click backup of websites and databases. Not the most glamourous of offers but there is nothing like the cold chill of losing data that hasn’t been secured.

It’s All About Quality

It is anticipated that the majority of our hosting provision will be Red Hat Linux although the provision will be defined by the specific needs.

The core provision is UK based which was an important aspect of our choice. In addition to this we are able to offer 24 X 7 X 365 onsite manned support in the unlikely event that anything does go wrong.

What we are offering is a bespoke hosting provision for our website clients, generous bandwidth, useful email provisions, but beyond all flexibility because we all have different needs.

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