WordPress Plugins Baby

WordPress plugins are third party add-ons that can easily be added to your blog to make it ‘do more’. Some examples of doing more include;

  • Spam catchers
  • Picture galleries and Slideshows
  • iPad – iPhone friendly plugins
  • SEO and Google analytics
  • Sidebar widgets

I need to remind myself that this blog started as a way for me to test WordPress out and learn. I described it recently as a bit ‘cobbler’s shoes’ and there are some shortcomings that I do need to sort out. It was described a recently (by a new customer) as being “a bit male”, not unlike me then?

This site was intended as a test bed and I regularly try out ideas and plugins, prior to using them elsewhere in my work. It is tempting to be a bit plugin crazy but beware, no one hangs round for a slow site. Many plugins bring their own stylesheet and probably JavaScript too. Most of this needs to be loaded at the off and a quick Google Page Speed test may end up showing a sorry tale. If the site is stable and fully developed it may be worth getting your coding fingers dirty and at least minifying the individual CSS and JS files. Ideally they should be combined, or at least called only when needed. I recently gained a large speed increase on this blog by simplifying the stylesheets, that is, removing spaces and comments. But, this is a test-bed, and although it has ousted the main site it continues to be tinkered with.

Let’s look at some examples that I use,
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