Time Machine

Did you backup? Don’t Learn the Hard Drive Way


Some years ago I learnt the hard way (so many comments, so little time). I was trying to rationalise my flakey backup routine which was based around two external hard drives. Well that’s not sounding too bad is it? Yes, but the problem was that there was no real structure to the backup. Some files were duplicated on both, some weren’t. All a bit messy, so I decided to tidy it up by making one good backup with everything that I needed which I would then copy onto the second drive. Still not sounding too bad, but the problem was I securely wiped the second drive. No not with baby-wipes silly, I erased and reformatted the drive, and then we had a thunderstorm. I lived in a cottage where the electricity came into the house through overhead lines. One storm took out my modem and the other hard-drive, yep that’s right the one that I had just got neat and tidy, the one with everything on it. Abso-bloody-lutely everything that I had ever done on a computer was now inaccessible.
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