New WordPress Website for Schimmer Child

Schimmer Child WordPress SiteDesign Credo of Exeter, Devon have created a new WordPress website with Schimmer Child of Stroud, near Gloucester.

Schimmer Child specialise in 3D design and have a history of design and manufacturing spanning over twenty years for companies and organisations including,

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WordPress Support: I Can’t Get Out of Maintenance Mode


WordPress Support Pages

Design Credo of Exeter have been offering WordPress training and support for some time now and plan to develop this as we move into 2011. Existing support items can be found in the WordPress design page here: this list will be regularly updated.

Can’t Get Out of Maintenance Mode

WordPress is great but occasionally even great things go wrong and usually things going wrong cause un-necessary panic and anxiety. I suspect I won’t be alone in feeling worried when my lovely blog was replaced by a white screen and simple text saying.

Maintenance Mode – SITE is currently undergoing scheduled maintenance. Please try back in…

So what causes this and how do we clear the block?

WordPress is constantly being updated, both the core platform and the add-on plugins. This is sometimes annoying but overall it is a good thing, it is all part of a dynamic and organic entity constantly evolving. Generally updates are done via the ‘dashboard’ (the WordPress user interface) although in most cases updates can be performed manually using FTP.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a way of sending files from one computer to another, in this instance, from your computer to the server where your WordPress blog is hosted. If you don’t have an FTP program there are many available, we have previously highlighted how Firefox can be added to, allowing it to perform full FTP activities.

Whichever way you choose to upgrade, WordPress disables the site whilst files are being upgraded, and puts itself into Maintenance Mode. This avoids a viewer trying to access a file on the site that is in the process of being replaced, potentially causing a ‘crash’. If the process stalls whilst in Maintenance Mode your blog will continue to be inaccessible. However this is really easy to rectify.

Access your WordPress blog root directory using an FTP client and simply delete the ‘.maintenance’ file (this is an ‘invisible’ file so you will need your FTP client to be set to ‘show invisible files’.) As soon as the file has been removed the blog will once again appear. However you will probably find that the upgrade hasn’t completed so you will need to try again.
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