Dropbox: A new way to sync, store, and share your files online

Dropbox is a free online facility that allows you to share files across a number of computers. This is useful where a number of people need to be able to access the files. It also creates a form of backup which when combined with something such as Apple’s Time Machine is quite robust.

The free facility is quite useful although you are able to upgrade if you run out of space.

I’ve just had a great example of why I think Dropbox is so great. I needed the logo that sits beside this text but it was on my laptop rather than the iMac that I am working on so, I dropped the file into my Dropbox and hey presto the file is available to this Mac and all the other computers that I have Dropbox synced to.
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Need To Resize or Edit a Photo But Don’t Have The Software?


Google won’t thank you for it, any more than your customers will. Worse still WordPress may well throw overly large image files straight out of the pram.

If you don’t have PhotoShop why not try I’m not on a commission, I just think it’s neat, a great online resource as recommended through Twitter.

Large image files slow websites down. Google increasingly penalises poor page speed and your viewers will tire of slow pages. The bottom line it is good practice to optimise your images before you upload them. PicNik will let you resize and edit your image and save a copy back to your computer ready to upload to your website or blog.

WordPress Guides

This video is part of a series aimed at those new to WordPress

  1. Creating a simple post
  2. Images for the website (part 1)
  3. Images for the website (part 2)

Footnote, Unfortunately the bottom of the screen has been trimmed, there is a dialogue box that gives the image dimensions (bottom right). Also when I am referring to the screen size (1440 x 900) it is for the mac that I am working on, yours may differ.