Don’t Gamble With Your Image (Part 1)

PNG transparency demonstration

PNG transparency demonstration (click image)

It may not always seem so but things really do change, look in the mirror if you don’t believe me.

1990 no internet, 1991 internet starts. Digital cameras? Texas Instruments patented a film-less electronic camera in 1972, August 1981 the Sony Mavica was giving single image capture and back to 1991 where Kodak introduced a Nikon F3 based digital ‘pro’ camera.

This is recent history for me, for the young it is a lifetime though. When I first started in design getting images ready for print, or for that matter screen was a tedious and expensive process.

  1. Shoot Image
  2. Process Film
  3. Scan Negative or Transparency
  4. Watch Money Leave Bank Account

Yes the last aspect was hideously expensive. One had to take an original to an expert in a white coat in a dust free environment in a repro house and get the wallet well and truly drained to digitise an image, £50-£150 per shot. Further to this it was far from quick, days running into weeks could pass.

It is worth reflecting on this for those occasions where the technology isn’t quite doing what you want. If it isn’t now it may well be doing so soon but the bottom line is that now, if you want you can photograph something, get it posted on the internet and for that matter get it listed on Google in less than a quarter of an hour. Things really do change.

So in this DIY era a bit of knowledge may help, because in the moments when we are doing it ourselves creating our WordPress blogs, from our offices in Topsham or Exeter and things aren’t going quit right I suspect a reminder about the above won’t necessarily help.
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