Dieter Rams: Braun

One of the more self indulgent lessons that I have taught is where I presented a PowerPoint (ugh) of ‘designs wot I like.’ This is a mix of about 50 items including E Types, Minis, 911′s, Trangia cookers, and Thunderbird 2. It is an unashamedly subjective list. The lesson was intended to generated thought and discussion about design in its wider context. I had many of the items to show: Belstaff, Trangia, Thunderbird 2, sadly though neither the 911 nor the E Type.

And one of the items, the Braun travel alarm clock has been with me for years. This small item shows how affordable, and accessible well designed items can be.

Yes I unashamedly enjoy it.

I was impressed by Braun well before I even started to think overtly about design. I had a Braun flashgun that came with a camera I once bought, it just seemed right, considered and somehow more complete.

More recently of course I have become aware of the originator of many of the Braun designs, Dieter Rams. Few (including Dieter himself) could fail to acknowledge the influence that his designs have had on Apple, he applauds this, graciously.

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