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Brochure Design & Print, From Exeter to Egypt

Techserv Brochure
If you are a designer there is nothing quite like getting a bit of litho print back from the printers, whether it is a folder, an A4 brochure or a company report. It is pleasing to have designed a brochure for Yorkshire based Techserv that is delivered on time, on budget and going straight out to Egypt for an exhibition.

Many thanks to Brightsea in Exeter for a good job delivered on time. I mentioned earlier my respect for printers and their necessary investment particularly in the current economic climate.

The brochure is part of an ongoing project that includes web-design, a new WordPress blog and development of Techserv’s online and social marketing.

You can view a low resolution PDF of the brochure artwork here.

WordPress Blog For Techserv by Exeter’s Design Credo

Techserv Online Design

Techserv Online Design

Yorkshire’s Techserv Cutting Systems continue to move forward with their online presence. Last year DesignCredo created a new fluid 3-column site which immediately showed a huge improvement for Techserv’s organic search results, both in the UK and more importantly on a worldwide basis. Techserv regularly appears top of page one for relevant Google searches.

New WordPress Site

As part of Techserv’s move forward they have launched a new WordPress blog site developed by Design Credo in Exeter. This site will be used to communicate the huge range of applications that the Techserv cutting machines are used for worldwide.

Techserv have a wide range of stories begging to be told, communicating the strengths of their CNC cutting equipment. WordPress based websites make an ideal platform for dynamic companies to communicate from.


Early days yet for Techserv and Twitter but Design Credo have helped Techserv put their best foot forward by bringing the @techservcnc Twitter status page into line visually.

Google Instant ‘blue arrow’, It’s Rude To Point

Google Blue Arrow

Google Blue Arrow

You are probably asking yourself,

“why is there a blue arrow next to the first Google search result?”

Did no one tell Google that it is rude to point? In case you haven’t noticed Google has a new ‘Blue Arrow’ tool that draws your attention to the first search result on the page if your are logged in or have Google Instant turned on.

In many ways it is a neat little tool, you can use the keyboard arrow tools to navigate through the search results. But, this small icon really does draw your eye to the first result. Also pressing the enter/return key takes you to the page associated with this result making it easy not to view alternative results.

There has to be a strong argument that this tool ultimately benefits the PPC rather than the organic, ‘non paid’ results. What do we expect, Google is a business, a very big business?

Could we perhaps have a green arrow too, yes green and organic please?

Need To Resize or Edit a Photo But Don’t Have The Software?


Google won’t thank you for it, any more than your customers will. Worse still WordPress may well throw overly large image files straight out of the pram.

If you don’t have PhotoShop why not try I’m not on a commission, I just think it’s neat, a great online resource as recommended through Twitter.

Large image files slow websites down. Google increasingly penalises poor page speed and your viewers will tire of slow pages. The bottom line it is good practice to optimise your images before you upload them. PicNik will let you resize and edit your image and save a copy back to your computer ready to upload to your website or blog.

WordPress Guides

This video is part of a series aimed at those new to WordPress

  1. Creating a simple post
  2. Images for the website (part 1)
  3. Images for the website (part 2)

Footnote, Unfortunately the bottom of the screen has been trimmed, there is a dialogue box that gives the image dimensions (bottom right). Also when I am referring to the screen size (1440 x 900) it is for the mac that I am working on, yours may differ.

Photography For Techserv of Yorkshire by Exeter’s Design Credo

Design Credo of Exeter, Devon have recently photographed a new waterjet machine for Yorkshire’s Techserv Cutting Systems.

The machine located near Kidderminster in Shropshire is a further development for Techserv who’s machines are located globally and continues Techserv’s design approach to CNC cutting equipment.

This work for Techserv is part of a continuing project by Design Credo that includes branding and logo design as well as website development.

Improving Your Image (Part 2)

Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwoʻole

Is Your Image Bigger Than Big Iz?

Can’t see the linked video on anIPAD?

Who says Twitter doesn’t do anything useful? I put a Tweet out the other day and within a couple of minutes the following suggestion had been made,

“Anyone out there able to recommend an online image resizing tool, not that my image needs resizing you know?”

mediocre_mum @designcredo “”

“excellent work @mediocre_mum, award yourself a mid-afternoon drink”

So why am I looking for online editing, as a pro photographer surely I use fancy software ‘n’ stuff?

In short my customers need a way to manipulate images and somehow I have to bridge the gap between what I know and do and what they could really do to know and do. Putting it simply I am trying to erect some scaffolding for those learning WordPress

My Workflow

I now work entirely digitally having sold my trusted Mamiya RB67s some time ago. I generally use Nikon equipment. What customers don’t always get is that the taking of the photo is a relatively small part of the process. Nowadays quite a bit of time will be spent at the computer but compared to the costs incurred pre the full digital era this is a worthwhile investment and a step forward.

Typically then I will

  • Shoot the image
  • Transfer the image to computer and open up in Photoshop
  • Adjust levels, curves, colour balance, verticals, crop
  • Save a PSD and a High Res JPEG (retaining the original file)
  • Let the customer proof the JPEG
  • Backup computer before deleting originals on camera card

So the first problem here is that Photoshop is a hugely powerful program that isn’t the easiest to learn. The second problem is that the program alone costs several times more than most reasonable compact cameras.
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