Offices to Rent in Exeter? Let’s Advertise Then

Park5 QR Sign
So, you have offices to rent, Exeter is your location and you need to let people know about it.

Design Credo are offering an integrated approach to help you market your commercial property including a mini-website, brochure work, and signage.

Alder King and Haarer Goss, joint agents for Tiger Developments have commissioned Exeter based Design Credo to help market their offices to rent in Exeter’s Park5 office campus on the edge of the Sowton Industrial Estate.

Exeter Commercial Property QR CodeThis work has now been re-inforced by on street signage and a 40′ billboard on the Sowton services roundabout. The billboard focusses on one of the great selling points of Park5, its superb location, by asking the question, why would anyone choose to sit in rush-hour traffic?

Integrating the various marketing aids the billboard and signage feature QR codes leading to the website, which ultimately links to the joint agent’s websites as well as the sales brochure.

The thrust of the approach is to make it as easy as possible for potential customers to get quality information as quickly as possible, QR codes are just one part of the picture but an important link between very different media.

Commercial Property Location Photography & Brochure Design

Exeter graphic design company Design Credo have produced a commercial office brochure design for the Forum in central Exeter.

Working on behalf of Turner-Locker Exeter’s commercial property agency, the project has so far included photography, graphic design and print management.

The Forum offers a prime office location in central Exeter with excellent local facilities and close proximity to the Princesshay shopping facility

Property Photography

All aspects of the building were photographed by Design Credo including interior and exterior photography.
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Commercial Property Brochure Design: Park 5, Exeter

Park5 Commercial Property Brochure
Exeter graphic design company Design Credo have produced a new brochure design for Park5, the commercial office facility near the M5 Junction 30, the gateway to Exeter.

Working alongside Tiger Developments, Alder King and Haarer Goss, the project has so far included photography, graphic design and website design.

Park 5 offers superb out of town office location. The modern office suites offer superb access to a range of transport options, local commerce and an increasing range of high quality local facilities.


Initially Design Credo photographed the building exterior, recent refurbishments and common facilities.

Supporting photography was commissioned to add focus to the excellent location of Park5, particularly to rail and air networks as well as quality local out of town facilities.


Due to the needs of this kind of commission large print runs are not necessary and would be both unnecessarily costly and environmentally inconsiderate. This brochure has been designed as an A4 four page folder. However the most likely delivery mode is digital, either as an email attachment or as a download link from a website. A second version of the folder has been created for online use.
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New Mini-Site For Park5 by Design Credo of Exeter

Park 5 Website by Design Credo of Exeter

Exeter website design company Design Credo have created a new mini website to promote the modern office suites available for rent at Park5 near the M5 J30 Exeter.

Park5 benefits from a superb location at the gateway to Exeter with a great proximity to: transport routes, local commerce on Sowton, local facilities.

Companies involved in the overall project include Tiger Developments, Alder King and Haarer Goss.

The mini-site website is a quick loading liquid design based on a Matthew James Taylor layout. This fluid structure is quick to load and is tried and tested on the troublesome IE6 browser (many ‘corporates’ are still stuck in the IE6 dark ages). In addition code is structured to allow content important for SEO to appear towards the top of the page.

Search Engine Optimisation is of vital importance to any site. In a competitive market a site that can be found by search engines will ultimately reap dividends.

As part of this project DesignCredo have also undertaken:

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  • Location photography
  • Brochure/folder design
  • Print management
  • Signage design


The website is deliberately designed to be a fast-loading mini-site and is part of a package that Design Credo are able to offer to commercial property agents, property developments and asset management companies.

Exeter’s Design Credo, Advertising Commercial Property

Exeter based Design Credo continue to add to their property folio with advertising signs for companies including Turner Locker, Alder King and Urbina.

Renslade House

As part of the continuing marketing of commercial offices at Renslade House, Design Credo have recently created two new road-side signs. These signs are designed as part of a project which includes architectural photography, a 4pp brochure, advertising mailers and a new mini-site.

Turner Locker

In addition to this, on behalf of Exeter’s commercial property agency Turner Locker, signage has recently been erected at a newly refurbished property in Exeter’s Princesshay area. The building provides quality office accommodation in Cathedral Close and benefits from great access to both the traditional and the new developments in Exeter.

These signs are designed to be altered should needs change. As such the backgrounds benefit from design opportunities offered by modern inkjet technology, whereas much of the detail text is applied as traditional vinyl lettering that can be altered at minimal cost to the clients.