Seriously, The Colour has Gone From My iMac?

Recently I bought an old iMac, not a really old one, that would be silly, no an aluminium and glass one. A friend had bought a MacBook and had no use for two and, though old, it’s very good, really very good. People who visit seem quite in awe of it. I explain that given that we have all used laptops for some time it isn’t really surprising that all the gubbins fits in one enclosure, after all it would appear that the latest iPad2 is in danger of being thrown out with the junk mail due to its reduced mass.

Old Beige Mac

iMac Tangerine Reb-b

Fee iMac Babywipes: miLife

Anyway, this isn’t the first ‘all in one’ Mac that I’ve owned, that was a 5400 which, rather annoyingly was beige, well in truth it was a very pale beigey grey. I was annoyed because I had ordered a black one, in an era where the very thought of coloured computers was all a bit daring. And before you say it my 11 year old told me that black wasn’t a colour the other day.
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