New Logo for PDM Design

PDM logo

Design Credo have recently developed a new logo for PDM Design, the Topsham (Exeter) based architects. Phil Domville-Musters asked us to develop his brand identity further as part of the preparation for his new blog website also currently being developed by us.

Often when asked to ‘breathe on’ an existing idea we find that there are frequently good elements in the customers’ ideas. Phil was keen to keep the existing colours, being a fan of things Italian such as his Ducati and his Colnago. The first task is to unite the existing elements of the idea, the parts all need to be ‘friends’ with each other.

Phil’s original idea used Baskerville and Verdana. We felt that Baskerville designed in 1757 would be better complimented by Helvetica, introduced a further two centuries later and, having just watched Helvetica (the film) at the DID event in Exeter I am more than happy that we are in good company. As with architecture there is a case for mixing the old and the new. In this case we have used the extended form of Helvetica to achieve a suitable balance. The word architecture serves to unite the two dominant forms without detracting from the overall shape or ‘bounding box’ of the device.

As with all logo-forms it is essential that they will can be used in a variety of applications. On paper, where white is the dominant colour PDM will use the version with the grey ‘design’ whereas for the website the word ‘design’ appears as white.

Keeping it simple with respect for typographical heritage makes all the difference.

Original PDM Logo

Original PDM Logo

Steel is Cool though many will not understand this obsession with bicycles

Sat in my hallway is a nice (old) Gazelle Reynolds framed road-bike. Elsewhere there is an even older Dawes Super-Galaxy, again Renyolds framed, this one with a Brooks saddle. There is also an old-school Diamondback BMX.

I like bikes, I like them a lot, preferably steel, or titanium, and they don’t need to be too new either. For me a simple bike is a thing of beauty that combines engineering, design and minimalism.

Cinelli Track Bike

Cinelli Track Bike

As a teacher I used to do a design lesson where I showed pupils pictures of things I liked the design of; Guzzis, Porsches, Minis, Trangia cookers… The common link was design. I knew I was getting through when a Year 9 girl saw the Cinelli track bike (shown) and said “that’s dead sexy that is”. She meant it, she was correct too.

I love going to London in part because of the cycling scene there. Twenty (plus) years ago, as a student, I was a cycle courier, I guess it was a relatively new thing then. At the time I rode a mix of bikes: Rory O’Brien, Holdsworth, Ellis-Briggs and latterly an early Ridgeback. Sadly in the first week I crashed the Ellis Briggs, I rode into the back of a Ford Granada stopped outside Kings Cross station. I ended up lying on the guy’s boot and can still remember the look of surprise as he looked in his rear view mirror, fortunately he had checked before diving away with me there. The frame needed re-building and I had the pleasure of using Tom Board who was at the time making Paris cycles, this honour made the accident almost worthwhile.


The London scene is vibrant and organic. Recently we have sat outside pubs in Islington and watched as cycle polo teams have returned en-masse riding a selection of unique machines. On one occasion I was almost tempted to pull the classic Bob Jackson from the pile to protect it from damage. There is a range of styles and approaches but, once again, steel is king, whether it is an original or a fixie, and, if it is adorned by leather and a bit of canvas then so much the better.

Sometimes it is difficult to tell the recreations from the re-builds not that this is an issue. There are a number of boutique dealers such as Tokyo Fixed in Soho where you are likely to find all manner of classic machinery.
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Exeter SEO the answer to all of your needs?( Beyoncé to help in light household duties )

Beyoncé Preparing The Vég

Beyoncé Preparing The Vég

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO brings Beyoncé to Exeter? Yep if you’ve been following so far, “Beyoncé to help in light household duties” now seems to rank in the top three of a Googlé search.

Update – “Beyoncé Exeter” now position 2
Update – Now position 1

Further to this I am eagerly expecting people to fulfil my desires for a Leica M9 and a Colnago Mexico due to similarly high rankings for search strings.

So what’s this all about?

It started as a bit of a joke, I noticed that cigar smoking football players seemed to rank highly as search strings for The Design Credo WordPress blog (this is not a group that I have previously had an interest in). So checking it out, this was in fact true (by accident) as explained in my earlier post.
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Man willing to look after Aston Martin

aston martin V10

Further to my last post about collecting the data, I have just noticed that a particular search string that has led people to this site is ‘youtube cigar smoking football players’. Imagine my surprise?

Sure enough if I throw this string back into Google I find my own site listed at number six.

Andrew Butler, Design, Photography, Topsham, Devon | Design Credo …

Posts Tagged ‘YouTube’ … men and children (v. young) stood in the street trading football cards, cigar smoking men trading post cards. … WP Cumulus Flash tag cloud by Roy Tanck and Luke Morton requires Flash Player 9 or better. …

So there you go, sometimes you don’t get what you expect but clearly I will now have improved the ranking of this search string by referencing it again.

With that in mind then,

  • Man willing to look after Aston Martin
  • Man would treasure a Leica M9
  • Man needs a Colnago Mexico