Avatars Gravatars and Gravitas


Moto Guzzi V8 at Goodwood FOS - Photo: Andrew Butler

I started riding motorbikes when I was about 30, at the time it was part lifestyle choice and part necessity (the awful Beetle had died.) I was a student and I remember someone coming up to me and saying “Oh, so you’re Andy the biker?” This struck me for a couple of reasons, I hate being called Andy and I resented being labelled a biker. Nothing against bikers per-se you understand but I didn’t feel that was my box to be put in, I was still at the stage of ‘fearful-of-ending-up-in-a-box’ every time I rode the bike. I thought my label was ‘Andrew the incredibly talented guitar player, swimmer, cyclist…

Well a couple of years on and I had racked up in excess of 100,000miles on bikes, having started my own courier business in Yorkshire.

By the way, before we continue, the photo above is the Moto Guzzi V8 at Goodward Festival of Speed a few years ago, sadly not me but any excuse, (the Guzzi!)
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