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Statistics understand how the search engines work your website will work better

One of the more socially unacceptable things that I have ever done was be interested in stats. I did a degree in psychology and found that I was (unfashionably) reasonably good at the advanced research methods. I liked statistics, the normal distribution still holds a fascination for me. So, I enjoy the understanding that can be gleaned from ‘stats’. I too share Dara_O’Brien’s concern for poorly communicated and reported statistics. However I enjoy looking and trying to understand, even though there may be an uncomfortable truth to be found.

Andrew Butler is a surprisingly common name, there are a lot of us about. In the UK there are a number of Andrew Butlers who are involved in different forms of photography. There is another, called Andrew Butler, who runs is a company of Chartered Surveyors in the Midlands. I know because he has the .co.uk domain, I wanted it. He also has the .com, but not the .net (I have that).

So to the stats.

This blog is ‘early days’ for me, ‘just a bit of fun’. WordPress blogs generate stats and  one record that I have is of the following search terms used to find my blog ‘andrew butler let and managed’. Sure enough, throw these words back into Google  and you will be lead to my blog, a tad annoying if you are trying to rent a house in Nottingham. (Note to self remember that there are other search engines out there).

The bottom line here is that if you understand how the search engines work your websites will work better. I suspect there are many in the property business who would love to rank fourth in Google for a simple four word search. Looking to see how it happens is the start to controlling the process.

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