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Social Networking: Common Mistakes Small Businesses Make

OK, the truth is I have a lot on at the moment, which is good. The work is not only from the Exeter area but out of county, really good news. However there are areas of my life which really need attending to, which is not good. In my work life I haven’t posted enough to this blog which annoys me.

Why am I annoyed? Well, as I see it, a blog needs commitment and constant fresh content, that’s what I tell my customers and that’s what I believe. As the Wall Street Journal says;

Social Networking: Common Mistakes Small Businesses Make

– Bare Profile: Signing up for a Facebook account is the easy part. Before you blast emails to 1,000 of your customers and friends, a business should spend some time thoughtfully building a profile with an attractive photo, background and contact information.

– Too Little Personality: Lighten up. The social-media world is about engaging customers on a more personal level. Your “About Me” shouldn’t just be dry facts about your business. Make sure you add some personal touches. Humor often helps.

– Too Much Hype: Using social media shouldn’t be about blatantly selling a business. It’s about making connections and creating credibility so that people will like you and trust you and eventually want to buy from you. Use it to interact and meet new people – don’t get overly promotional.

– Not Enough Fresh Content: Engaging others through social media needs to be an ongoing, frequent process. You can’t just build a profile and let it sit idle. Preferably you want to be refreshing your content regularly (daily, if possible) so people come back for more.

There it is, number four, hands up. Guilty as charged, and the stats prove it, readership drops off if you don’t keep moving on.

Recently I have been given the same advice by a couple of professionals. Bodie and Doyle? Nope, Accountant and Solicitor. The advice?

Do as I say, not as I do…

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