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Simple Economic Mailers for Great Offers


Part of the pleasure about doing a job is the point at which it emerges onto the world. Whether it’s a new website for an Exeter company a brochure or as in this instance a simple post-card based offer.

Anyway generally we like to talk about the job, but in this instance the offer is just too good.

So, all we can say is, if you want a very well priced office in Exeter you had better call Mr T on 01392 201202, (tell him Mr B sent you). He will send you one the nice cards I’m sure.

We could bang on about the great digital print quality from Exe Valley’s new toy, the fact that being digital the job works well for short print runs, the fact that the job was supplied as a PDF too for email contact.

Look, just give the chap a call, it would be much simpler?