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Seriously, The Colour has Gone From My iMac?

Recently I bought an old iMac, not a really old one, that would be silly, no an aluminium and glass one. A friend had bought a MacBook and had no use for two and, though old, it’s very good, really very good. People who visit seem quite in awe of it. I explain that given that we have all used laptops for some time it isn’t really surprising that all the gubbins fits in one enclosure, after all it would appear that the latest iPad2 is in danger of being thrown out with the junk mail due to its reduced mass.

Old Beige Mac

iMac Tangerine Reb-b

Fee iMac Babywipes: miLife

Anyway, this isn’t the first ‘all in one’ Mac that I’ve owned, that was a 5400 which, rather annoyingly was beige, well in truth it was a very pale beigey grey. I was annoyed because I had ordered a black one, in an era where the very thought of coloured computers was all a bit daring. And before you say it my 11 year old told me that black wasn’t a colour the other day.

The 5400 was a very neat introduction to Macs (thanks Nan) but it was replaced my a more powerful Umax Mac Clone and a Sony Trinitron (both seriously beige.) The Umax was good, but not great; it was a shed load cheaper than Apple’s equivalent but never stable. It got ousted by a G3 that I bought from a man in Halifax. He had the biggest TV that I had ever seen and, rather disturbingly a shotgun, just sitting on the shelf in the hall. The G3 was a top end ‘scuzzy’ that had cost £2,400, it was being used to create cheesey cards that were possibly sent to each of the owner’s potential victims. Who knows, they were so awful I scrubbed the hard drive (with Vim) without even nosing around. This mac though was the legendary Blue and White, yes, that’s right, not beige!

The BW was a great design as I’ve previously said, and not unsurprisingly it came from the era of the original ‘Bondi’ iMac, yum, think different, what flavour are you? I still have the poster, somewhere. Around this time, the family was growing (it still is) and I bought a ‘tangerine’ of which I was reminded when I watched Zoolander again the other night.


This was the Jonathan Ive design, and frankly it weighed a ton. Yes it had a handle built in but I think the idea was that you could hold on to the Mac in times of natural disaster. These were colourful times though, probably in part flavoured my living in the primary coloured world of three young children. The tangerine was a fun thing, the kids loved it, there was a Nanosaur living in it. I’ve no use for it or space for that matter, but this is one thing that I would still like to have somewhere.

Nowadays things seem different. Yep the product is great but somewhere along the line the colour has gone. Perhaps I should get some of that nice retro black ash furniture to go with the aluminium, you know, before it gets too trendy and expensive.

When did everything get so serious?

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