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Serendipity -SEO improving Search Engine Rankings in Devon

Serendipity is the effect by which one accidentally stumbles upon something fortunate, especially while looking for something entirely unrelated.

Serendipity Ifracombe

Serendipity Ifracombe

In my last post we looked at some basic issues to do with improving Search Engine Rankings or SEO. I suggested that there was scope for to make marked improvements in their rankings. So lets look at an example a simple startup site.

Serendipity Ilfracombe

Holiday accommodation is a deeply competitive market, particularly here in the South-West. Resorts have their ups and downs, Ilfracombe would appear to be on the up. However there are an awful number of competitors in this market.

People are far from rational in their everyday behaviour. Some have neat tidy minds but for many of us it is a bit of a sprawl. Memory is optional and to be honest getting the shopping done will probably knock that important phone number out of the ‘things to remember’ file. Anyhow we no longer remember phone numbers do we? I can remember the phone number of the house I lived in when I was a teenager (Waddington 688) but I don’t know the land-line that I pay for now, I don’t really use it. People may remember a name, a place, they may know what to look for and although they may not know the full ins and outs of Boolean searches. The way that many people use search engines borders on the bizarre, often people have found a way that works and have never ventured towards improvement.

So, Serendipity, Ilfracombe. If you Google those two words as I just have you see my customer’s site at the top of the page. This is a start. The website has been up for a relatively short period of time (a couple of months), it is early days yet. Of course, unlike Starbucks people won’t necessarily know that Serendipity exists, this isn’t enough. However some might, or they may tell others about the accommodation and its name. It is easy to remember this one bit of info and to access the website from this simple search

“Tariff, Holiday, Ilfracombe” results in a position two result with “Booking, Holiday, Ilfracombe” giving a still respectable position 11. “Well, Priced, Holiday, Accommodation, Ilfracombe” gives a P2. Interestingly (for me at least) “well, priced, holiday, devon” gives a similarly high ranking (P2) as indeed does “well, priced, holiday, south-west”.

We are now getting into the realm of useful results. We can see that the Google results will work for those with a brand awareness and those who have never even heard of the resort.

Although a small starter site it was designed with search engines in mind. Headings, titles and text all serve a purpose. It is still early days but, we seem off to a good start.

You can download a PDF brochure for Serendipity here.

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