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QR Codes: Paper Based Hyperlinks?

Design Credo of exeter QR Code

At Design Credo we are increasingly incorporating QR codes into our output. Recently we have applied them to press display advertising as well as street and billboard signs. Much of our QR code use is for commercial property agents in and around Exeter and Devon.

The good news is it’s working, people are scanning the codes across all platforms including Android, Apple and Blackberry. We know this because when we generate a code we incorporate a degree of tracking which allows us to see when the code has been scanned. So far iPhone users seem to have been the early up-takers followed by Android and then Blackberry devices.

How Do I Scan The Things?

One of my favourite phones is my old Nokia e71. This was a great example of what Nokia did really well, good, robust working communication tools, and bundled with it was a barcode reader that read QR codes, a form of barcode.

Hang on there, I hear you say, my phone doesn’t seem to want to scan the codes. Maybe not but the good news is that we can soon sort that out for free!

Nowadays I use an HTC Sensation and it is a couple of minute’s work to get a code reader installed on this Android based phone. Simply click on the market icon and either search for QR or check out the likes of i-nigma or Quick Mark. Like I-nigma Neoreader is a reader that is recommended for all of the major smart-phone platforms.

Whilst I-nigma’s is possibly a little slicker I prefer the using Quick Mark, the ability of the interface to switch from landscape to portrait sells it for me. The bottom line though is that there are plenty of good ones out there for free so play around, find which is best for you.

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