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Plasma cutting company: great Search Engine results

‘Plasma cutting education’ or ‘Plasma cutter education’ is getting great Google results within a couple of weeks of their new website being uploaded by Design Credo. Subsitute school for education and the results will be similar, Techserv is tops on the UK Google search.

Spark Plasma Cutter

Spark Plasma Cutter

This plasma cutter is a great machine, an ideal way to deliver ICT Control education as well as being an ideal Technology department tool and is finding its way into many schools as well as FE and HE facilities.

Yorkshire based Techserv looked to Design Credo to update their website. As well as updating the site-design we have looked at the search-ability of the site in particular the way that keywords are employed throughout the site.

Further to this we have taken an overview of the existing online activities that Techserv are involved in and are looking at ways that this can be united and improved.

Techserv Twitter

Techserv are also using social networking on their website. This allows rapid updates and exchanges of information, within hours of the site being uploaded Techserv was being followed by people with CNC interests

As if that isn’t enough good news we are pleased to hear that they have received a quote request for a plasma cutting machine through the website form, within a week of the site being uploaded

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