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The new dimension in snow grooming: Pisten Bulley

I remember once attending a ‘Big Ideas’ talk where the speaker was talking about the need to employ design throughout. At this point he referred to an MRI scanner, previously these had been ugly affairs that did little to put patients at ease when using them. The revolutionary thought was to make the MRI scanner look better, and less intimidating.

Anyway, here we are in Switzerland, having a break and I am surrounded by many great examples of design in action.

Piston Bulley

Make no mistake snow is big business, big money and big investment. This is no easy environment either, frequently far from forgiving. Preparations are made for the tourists, none more than to the snow.

PistenBully 600

The new dimension in snow grooming.

Anyone who has driven a PistenBully 600 knows that the driver’s seat is incomparable. Ergonomics, drive comfort and ease of operation are unbeatable. In the spacious cab the driver has lots of space and excellent visibility. All details have consistently been designed with the driver’s needs in mind. An example: the joystick that no longer has to be held tightly. Instead, you can rest your hand on it from above. Switches are located to suit the natural movement radii of the fingers. All functions are at your fingertips. In brief: The PistenBully 600 is functional in its details.

Clearly this is a capable range of vehicles, but the design approach is embedded deeply from aesthetics to functionality and ergonomics.

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