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Paul Smart Ducati – A Just Because Moment

 DUCATI Sport clasicc Paul Smart 1000LE

DUCATI Sport clasicc Paul Smart 1000LE

I saw one of these yesterday, whilst out cycling and it made me smile, I doubt the rider needed me to tell him how great it looked and sounded.

The bike is based loosely on the bike that Paul Smart rode to victory at the 1972 Imola 200, it’s a great story..

“My wife Maggie phoned me and said that she’d got this ride for me on a Ducati at Imola. All that I knew about Ducati was that they made out of date singles, and I didn’t even know where Imola was, but Ducati paid my airfare and there was £500 wages, win or lose, so I was up for it.

“After the last session, I was completely exhausted and just wanted to go to bed. I brought the bike back to the pits and all the Ducati mechanics were jumping up and down. I had just broken Ago’s outright lap record – and he had been riding his 500cc Grand Prix bike.

Ducati took Imola very seriously and deserved to win. It was nothing to do with luck. The truth is that Ducati built a winning bike and I rode it well.”

Full Story Here


This vid is posted because I’m testing the new Smart YouTube plugin to try and make them work on iPads. See what I did there, Paul Smart >Smart YouTube, this stuff doesn’t happen by accident YouKnow?

No that isn’t me.