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Paolo De Giusti-900 SD Big Mono Naked

L’impostazione stilistica della Moto trova ispirazione nelle antiche realizzazioni monocilindriche Guzzi. Nel passato, prima dell’avvento del V90, Guzzi realizzò moto come la 500ss, Condor o il Falcone e sperimentò anche un monocilindrico Compresso. In questi veicoli la meccanica era organizzata lungo un asse ideale che collega il mozzo anteriore a quello posteriore; a queste suggestioni se ne aggiungono altre meno tecniche.

Or put it another way.

Inspired by the old Moto Guzzi productions single cylinder bikes’ style, designer Paolo De Giusti has designed three Naked bikes that flaunt their extra good looks and green credentials. Designed to be romantic is the “900 SD Big Mono Naked” that uses diesel/electric engines and comes in the red and the black models. It uses a single cylinder 903 cc with direct injection and turbo diesel engine that makes it ideal for fast riding.

Well I don’t know about the turbo-diesel but it is good to see this bike and it is hard to ignore the heritage of them (there is a similar electric concept).

Ghezzi Brian have been doing a good job with Guzzis for a while now but sadly I feel rather unmoved by the reported Guzzi Clubman. Pastiche is the word that comes to mind.

The bottom line is that design heritage can be drawn upon and improved upon, or it can be plundered.