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SEO Exeter: Oodles of Googles

OK, it’s the end of a year, a time to take stock and a time to look forward. Design Credo design websites and perform SEO for companies in Exeter, Devon and the UK. We also specialise in creating WordPress websites but whatever the platform we believe that the sites need to be found easily by Google, so here are some of our top searches from 2010.

Time to Get a Hat?

We seem to have developed a bit of a wedding niche this year. A single word search that puts the site top of Google page one has to be good news, and if people know you as ‘Treble’ it’s smiles all round here.

However the search wouldn’t be very useful if it only focussed on the company name so these page one Google results kept us all happy. Sarah Treble is a wedding dress designer with an international reputation.
couture devon
couture dress devon
bridal wear devon studio

The search string below shows the strength of the WordPress platform and was as a result of a single post or article that Sarah wrote on her blog: the article could be found on Google the same day that it was posted.
linen wedding dress

When Sarah came to us she was struggling to find her site but within a week of her WordPress website going live Sarah’s Google fortunes had been totally turned around and it was on this basis that Sam Aspden was referred to us (as well as Perfume River.) Sam had bought a DIY website package that wasn’t performing on Google but again within two weeks Sam was page one of Google.

wedding card exeter

Cutting Edge Stuff

Long standing customer Techserv now have two sites by us, a traditional 3 column fluid site and the new WordPress site. Between them the the sites again regularly see Techserv front of Google, in fact as a result of their high organic placement Techserv have halved their monthly Google adword spend.

It is our belief that for many companies a well designed site will invariably reduce or even negate the need for adword or pay per click spending.
plasma cutting
plasma cutter

Techserv have a growing reputation for their plasma cutting machines that are suitable for the education market. Again we continue to focus on this target market for Techserv on both sites. Recently we have been able to focus on their recent success with sales to the JCB Academy
education plasma cutting
jcb plasma cutting

Minisites Too

In 2010 Design Credo have undertaken a lot of work within the commercial property sector including signage, architectural photography, brochure design and mini sites advertising individual properties. We are pleased to report consistent hits for the Renslade House minisite with strong page one position one Google results.
modern office exeter
modern office devon

The French Connection

Nest Interiors of Topsham employed Design Credo to take over the development of their new site and it well and truly hit the ground running.

The built in WordPress stats let us see that the following search strings are ‘coming up with the goods’ and bringing meaningful traffic to the site. Lexington is an important brand for Nest and it is important that they shine in Google searches.
lexington devon
new england style
new england interiors
french interiors devon

Sustainable Results

Phil Domville-Muster’s brief to us was simple: “I want a new site that looks like my old one but I want it to work.”

To be honest Phil has been rather busy and there is still work to be done but the following search string works all round.
sustainable architecture exeter

Back to Beyonce

Sadly in spite of ‘Man willing to look after Aston Martin‘ placing us right at the top of the list we have had no uptake, and no, Beyoncé hasn’t as yet called. However we like to think that the point has been made.
beyonce exeter

The bottom line is that this is what we do
wordpress design exeter

We won’t guarantee to get you page one of Google, but if we think it can be done we will say so and we won’t be happy until you are there. Rest assured that if you are page one position one we will be happy about it, happy for you and, to be honest happy for us too. It’s like that here.

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