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SEO Exeter, Devon and the South West? There would appear to be abundance Search Engine Optimists, they are all over the place. Actually it is a worldwide thing. So what is it all about?

Organic Search Engine Marketing

Design Credo focus on organic marketing, that is we look for results through site design, suitable use and placement of text. We endeavour to get results primarily without using additional paid campaigns.

In order to be good at this we invest a lot of time understanding how Search Engines work. A recent comment (above) posted on Twitter sums it up;

Yep, we are interested in the then, the now and the soon to be. If you would like to find out more do a search on SEO through this site’s search box or click in the tag cloud. We write frequently about the subject. The bottom line is that we get results, sometimes we even surprise ourselves. Following a recent post about Twitter hacking this site was getting an unprecedented amount of hits via Google from people from all over the world. The post was up, listed on Google, Googled, screen grabbed and re-posted within hours, maybe less.

For the record Baidu is the search engine that is re-claiming some of Google’s market share and that is important.

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