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So, what’s all this QR thing about?

Tech is changing the way we do things I am writing this page from my phone, an HTC Sensation. To be honest it’s not the easiest but it is doable.

However where this smartphone is really good is showing websites, it doeso that remarkably well. Of course it isn’t alone here but this radically changes things. However there is a problem, long URLs. We are impulsive, impatient creatutres often with dodgy eyesight. Enter the QR code.

Some phones need a free app, but some such as my old Nokia e71 will scan codes straight from the box. Once equipped the phone is able to scan the code and in one click deliver the web-page, the vCard, the PDF download.

It just make things easier. You see a poster, you scan the code, you get the brochure straight to your phone.

Now if the poster or the advert is yours you benefit in a number of ways. Firstly there will be a greater uptake from your source, all of a sudden things become a lot more joined up. The print integrates and interacts with digital media. But further to this the uptake from the QR code can be tagged and tracked, you can see which of yourvposter sites generates maximum response.

Clickthrough from a poster or magazine advert, there’s an idea worth exploring.