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Design Credo eNews

Design Credo eNews

Part of the marketing process is to keep your audience’s attention and what can be better than a well timed eNewsletter?

What is an eNewsletter?

Putting it simply it is a web-page delivered via the email system. Most eMail packages will handle HTML nowadays, it is what people use to format a basic eMail and make it look better.

With slightly more complex HTML images can be added and positioned to create interesting and vibrant online news.

Generally eMail clients are not as capable as a web browser such as Firefox but within reason an eNewsletter is a lively and interactive communication tool that will easily drive visits through to your website.

Because the eNews is a web page it can be viewed in a browser, you can add links to your website. When opened the eNewsletter can contain links to further resources such as relevant pages on your website. In addition you can add a link to the eNews from your website which helps to keep the site current.

Have a look at our own eNews here?

Design Credo will handle the whole process for you from design through to submission. Let us know what you are wanting to communicate and who you want to communicate to.

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