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Old Apples Never Die, They Just Get Recycled Creatively

Some time ago I wrote about the need for things to change, notably IE6 which needed to die. Since then one of the sources of traffic to this site is people looking for images of Apple G3′s.

Recently I’ve moved and in my garage there are two old macs a Blue and White and a Digital Audio. The B&W lacks a processor, I can’t remember where I put it, but the DA works. Sadly when I moved the old Pismo laptop passed away, I suspect the Yo-Yo has gone to heaven and may check this out. I’ve also got a colossal Mitsubishi 21″ CRT monitor out there which still works although like me lacks a bit of focus.

The towers were a truly great design, they looked different but more important allowed near instant access to the memory and drives. They were really quite well made and the architecture meant that most of these Macs could have their lives extended by simple plug in upgrades. But, their time has passed.

In my old flat I used to use the case of an old angle-poise iMac as a lampshade. The computer had been damaged beyond repair so I broke it for parts. But, Macs aren’t simple boxes, they are designed with great thought as I have recently highlighted. You may or may not get this, I do and I struggle to throw such wonderfully designed objects away. Yes, I know I should but…

Well as it goes I am clearly not alone, there’s loads of people out there recycling the things. So now the only question is what shall I turn them into?

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