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Nicola Kathrens – Lyme Regis

Nicola Kathrens

OK, a bit of an impromptu M9 shot here from a couple of weeks back in Lyme Regis. Nicola Kathrens’ shop is a delight full of stunning knitwear.

Nicola Kathrens: a once upon a time actress, now a self taught designer and maker of rare pieces of knitwear. Thirteen years in practise. Established in 1997.

I speak my designs to my hand knitter. She knits them perfectly. She is from a fairy tale. My friend.

And too, I use second cycle woollens (jackets, jumpers, cardigans, coats, scarves, wraps and skirts)… given by friends, found in charity shops, textile re cyclers, jumble sales, boot fairs. Sometimes… lost and forgotten, dropped, by the side of the road.
I wash. Felt. Cut off, cut out. Deconstruct. Re- assemble and re-invent. I pull and stretch the weave. I doodle and draw over the stretch in cotton using a mixture of freehand machine embroidery and hand embroidery. I make collars, cuffs, bustles, panels and bows. I bead and button. I make new shapes. I add. I subtract. I multiply. I have no map. I am a pioneer. I am guided by each piece. We make the journey together. Sometimes a brief encounter, at times long and intricate. Always my pleasure.

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