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Did We Mention Design Credo’s New Site?

When this WordPress site first started it was a bit of a plaything, we used it to test ideas, plugins sometimes a bit of a mess-around; we are still P1 on a Google search for Beyoncé+Exeter.

And sometimes we showed how success could bite; our Don’t Call Me Shortly caused so much interest that we set up a Tumblr to offer a soft landing place for people to bounce to.

Now it is time for a new Design Credo WordPress website.

A Tighter Focus

Earlier in 2012 we set up the new site to offer a better platform to view (and sell) our photography. We are pleased to report that December 2012 was both the highest viewing month for the photography site as well as the month with the greatest total number of visits for both sites.

This site is intended to provide a much tighter focus for the design related aspects of our work.

Work In Progress

The new Design Credo site is deliberately stripped down and simplified. Built on a responsive WordPress platform it will display differently on various viewing platforms such as smart-phones, tablets and full sized screens. We are still uploading folio items so don’t expect this site not to change over the coming days and months.

New WordPress Website for Kevil’s

Exeter based Design Credo are proud to announce the launch of a new WordPress website for Paignton based BMW custom bike builder Kevil’s Speed Shop.

When we first met Kev Hill he had just commissioned a website but in a brief time the site had become more of a liability than an asset by failing to communicate the sheer quality of his product. The old site can be viewd here.

The new Design Credo website has been designed to offer a good visual presentation of the bikes created by Kevil’s whilst also allowing a more detailed examination of the quality of the paint, parts and fabrication. The site is based on a responsive WordPress framework meaning that it will present differently on various viewing platforms such as tablets, smart-phones and of course full sized screens.
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Moto-Verso Feature

Thank you so much to the people of Moto-Verso for their kind words;

It’s one thing making a fantastic looking custom motorcycle but it’s completely pointless unless you can capture the original vision in an image. It’s not as easy as you would think, if you go outside and take a photograph of your bike and then compare then to the images below, it really does take a special eye and a love for the subject your are photographing.

It was a nice post-Christmas present to see their post about my motorcycle photography.


In 2002, a Swedish filmmaker named Thomas Nordanstad created a documentary of the island along with a former resident, named Dotokou, who grew up on the island after moving there when he was 4 years old. It marks the first time Dotokou has returned to the island as an adult and he displays his emotions clearly, reminiscing on his past life. Nordanstad filmed this experience and named it Hashima, Japan, 2002.

Kevil’s at the Rio Paignton

A quick (GS) trip down to Paignton on a bright but chilly winter’s morning leave one finger tonally different to the others and a severe possibility that the planned photo shoot may have started from a transit at the side of the A380.

Two naughty boys strapped to the trailer and ready to go to the beach only the dog walkers ready to spoil surprisingly good conditions. Yep: the Leica, Kev with the Lastolite, Ally with the coffee, the man with the mate in America, the Doberman, the Alsation, the boy with his mum, the boy with the wave board, the man who had to take a call and the annoyed lady who is always annoyed.


New WordPress Site for H3D Exhibition Design

Stuart Hookway designs exhibitions, these are stunning, bright, engaging; sadly his old website wasn’t and Stuart knew it. Actually once you delved into the site there was evidence of Stuart’s tremendous abilities but they didn’t exactly ‘jump out’. Further to this the old site seems to have existed for many years without Google actually knowing about it.

More Than Just a Site

This has been a slightly unusual job for us, Stuart is after all a fine graphic designer in his own right so this is a situation where we work alongside in almost a consultancy role. Most of the content on the site has been prepared and uploaded by Stuart, this is how a WordPress site should work after all.

Design Credo have prepared the ground and:

  • Hosted the WordPress
  • Helped the customer set up a new email provision
  • Set the boundaries of the site and clarified its aims
  • Helped plan a suitable site-structure
  • Offered WordPress training
  • Advised about content specs for the site
  • Prepared graphics
  • Offered SEO training
  • Ensured proper visibility to major search engines

This list could go on.

The site is still being developed, Stuart is loving the involvement and is looking to engage his clients in the story. The next steps will be to develop the news section and utilise the the ease of syndication of these stories via:

  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Twitter