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New WordPress Site for H3D Exhibition Design

Stuart Hookway designs exhibitions, these are stunning, bright, engaging; sadly his old website wasn’t and Stuart knew it. Actually once you delved into the site there was evidence of Stuart’s tremendous abilities but they didn’t exactly ‘jump out’. Further to this the old site seems to have existed for many years without Google actually knowing about it.

More Than Just a Site

This has been a slightly unusual job for us, Stuart is after all a fine graphic designer in his own right so this is a situation where we work alongside in almost a consultancy role. Most of the content on the site has been prepared and uploaded by Stuart, this is how a WordPress site should work after all.

Design Credo have prepared the ground and:

  • Hosted the WordPress
  • Helped the customer set up a new email provision
  • Set the boundaries of the site and clarified its aims
  • Helped plan a suitable site-structure
  • Offered WordPress training
  • Advised about content specs for the site
  • Prepared graphics
  • Offered SEO training
  • Ensured proper visibility to major search engines

This list could go on.

The site is still being developed, Stuart is loving the involvement and is looking to engage his clients in the story. The next steps will be to develop the news section and utilise the the ease of syndication of these stories via:

  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Twitter