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New Brand for Mode FP by Design Credo

Design Credo have created new visual branding for Mode-FP a company working within the personal financial planning sector; Mode’s registered offices are in the midlands. The project was timed to enable Mode to launch newly branded services at a recent conference both in print and on screen.

The design process involved communicating and liaising with the Mode team throughout the UK to agree on logo designs, colour-ways and materials. Early applications of the brand have been printed stationery and folders as well as digital templates to carry the design through to all deliverables such as presentations and PDFs. Initial materials have been printed locally in Exeter by StormPress. Further to this Design Credo are working to create and manage online resources.

Although Mode are a Mac based team they recognise the need for all output to have cross-platform compatibility and Design Credo have worked closely with Mode to ensure that all assets work well in both the PC and Mac environments.

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