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Aston Martin Cygnet – FIAT Punto, separated at birth?

I totally missed this one, more about it later I’m sure but for now a bit more here

OK so there is something that has been troubling me for a while…

The Aston Punto

Recently we were doing a bit of tyre kicking as I have already mentioned and as part of that journey we checked out the FIAT garage. Now I’ve always had a bit of a liking for Turin’s finest, possibly since as a spawny teenager Mumsy used to drive around in a collection of subtly cool cars including the little known 128 Belinetta.
Fiat 128 Berlinetta
This was the ’70s, Vivas and Escorts, Datsuns 120s were the new kids on the block. This cool little car had bucket seats and verve. I will stand up and counted, I like the Multipla. I wouldn’t buy one myself, that would be inexcusable and would deeply embarrass the offspring, but I like the fact that FIAT have given others the opportunity to. It’s a sort of John Peel thing, I didn’t always like the music that he played, if I was more honest I would be more honest here, but I loved the fact that I could choose not to listen to his show.

Anyway back to the Aston Punto. For some time I have felt that there is just a hint of Aston in the looks of the Punto, and I realise that this will be a difficult thing to come to terms with for many. So I took a Punto pic , stretched it vertically (a bit) tweaked the mouth and put an Aston vent on the side. That’s all folks.
Aston Punto
Well actually not quite all, I recently visited a customer for whom I had taken some product photos. Outside his house was a Toyota. I’ve no idea whether this particular car stopped and started to his desire but, being a Toyota IQ it really was a little unexpected.
Toyota IQ

Now I’m sure there would be many who would tell me that I have lost the plot if I tell them that the rear of a Toyota looks like the rear of an Aston.

An Aston Martin with a sticking accelerator peddle? That would be fun-diddly-fun-fun!

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