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London’s Perfume River new Look Website

London’s Perfume River have launched their new look website featuring the logo designed by Exeter’s Design Credo.

The Perfume River website is an update of their existing site created by Eyemyweb. As part of the original logo work Design Credo was asked to advise Perfume River’s Owner Ha Ngo about how to move the site on.

Ha Ngo contacted Design Credo as a referral from an existing client, Sarah Treble whose website we had recently re-developed. Although we create websites, on this occasion our advise was to stick with the existing supplier (if it ain’t broke don’t fix it) but radically simplify the styling. In essence we were suggesting that a much stronger use of ‘white’ would be appropriate an give the site added ‘freshness.’ In addition we suggested that each page should start with a strong ‘hero’ image.

It is always nice to see advice taken, implemented and developed. A couple of our discussion concepts are shown below.

Perfume River Web Concepts by Design Credo

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