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Four days isn’t enough, obviously, but most of these images were taken in a two hour walk and already they leave me with many questions, in particular how to return. I deliberately go to places with no foreknowledge, it’s a risk I know. After a short while in Lisbon it is hard not to see that all is not what it seems. At times the place seems like a forgotten film-set; rush past on the bus or in a taxi you might not notice but stop and look deeper into the eyes of the building windows and a darker truth emerges. Many, so many of the buildings are empty, some in disrepair few looking about to be repaired. Cash is king, plastic won’t get you far here and the police stand outside the Rolex shops and the supermarkets. Dining can be inexpensive, and good, really good, you will be hustled to make your choice though, such is survival. And for many survival doesn’t seem guaranteed yet the people are polite, friendly and courteous. As we drove back to the airport I asked the taxi driver why all of the building doors were green, he laughed, a few minutes later he pointed to a brown door and laughed again.

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