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LeMan BMW Scrambler by Kevil’s photographed by Andrew Butler

OK, we played out down the park earlier with Kev’s new creation, Le Man. Yes that’s right, not Le Mans, get over it as they say.

Anyone who knows their motoring history will get the references; the colours, the drilled out perspex, the name, the joke.

Based on a R100RS this one is unusual with the rear disk an the oil-cooler. An increasing array of totally bespoke parts from Kevil’s Speed Shop including the cast headlamp mounts and the hand fabricated tailpiece made from aluminium. These compliment the bespoke exhaust system, rear subframe and neat touches such as the perspex side panels.

The bike will be on display at the 19th Carole Nash Classic Motorcycle Mechanics Show this weekend (20-21 Oct) at Stafford.

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