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John T Overlander – Form Follows Function

Design can take various forms and the often quoted “Form Follows Function” will probably always be a good start to any great design.

Recently I posted some images of the Snaefell. Personally, if the donor Laverda was on the forecourt next to the derivative I would be on two wheels every time. However I might just be found revving the engine and listening to it. This is the point where discussion could deviate to the relative aural delights of the 120° and 180° cranks, but it won’t. Suffice it to say that I am pleased that Snaefells exist

John T Overlander

John T 'n' Andrew B

At the weekend I witnessed the John T Overlander, a bespoke motorbike with a different focus, to travel around the world. John T explained to me that the bike had indeed travelled this journey, in effect 5 times.

Built for Simon Milward’s Millennium Ride the bike still continues to attract attention both for it and Motorcycle Outreach.

On first sight the Overlander is a total shed of a machine, however closer inspection reveals a huge amount of thought in particular the pannier system linked and damped with a steering damper and the dual height suspension. More of this machine can be found here.

Suffice it to say that bikes like this are never going to be things of beauty, they are things of purpose, a true expression of Form Follows Function.

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