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In a Way This Blog is Defined by Its Eclecticism.

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OK, so this blog has been going properly for about 6 months now and it is interesting (at least to me anyway) to see what people have been searching for. As I write I have just noted “fully clothed swim” was a search string that worked for someone yesterday, not to be confused with “failed fully clothed swim” or drowning. ‘Don’t know what that was about.

In some ways I can be accused of taking the eclectic and making it niche with this blog. An ex colleague Mal Dickson once described it as,

“the eclectic ramblings of Andrew Butler”

Anyway I like to think that here is a continuous thread somewhere in here binding together a rich tapestry. From readers there is clearly a strong interest in Citroen’s (dS3), SAAB 900s, and clearly a number of people willing to help locate “Missy the Cat”.

A lot of people looking for Teo Jakob in Bern, who am I to argue? If you get a chance go, please say hello to Marion for me.

Probably the strongest sector is those interested in classic cycles and they seem to love the house of Cinelli. It would be tempting for me to pander to one of these groups and chase the numbers but that’s not what this blog is about it. In a way it is defined by its eclecticism. WordPress themselves in a codex about writing posts suggest,

Write about what you like

You’ve heard this a thousand times before and it sounds too cliched, but it is true. If you force yourself to write something that you don’t really enjoy, it will show. Perhaps you might not have a specific theme for writing when you just start, but that’s ok. You’ll become more focused later. Just enjoy the experience and write what you like.

Don’t hide your emotions

Tempting as it might be, don’t hide your real emotions. After all that is what a blog is about. If you want, you can stay anonymous and voice your feelings on whatever you are passionate about. You might have strong views on various subjects but let your readers know your passion. What is passion worth if you can’t even share it? You’ll actually love the discussions it can lead to. The discussions will broaden your own thinking and you might end up making some really good friends.

These words resonate with Richard Branson’s recent post on his own blog

I actually think the most successful businesses are the ones where people think like that. If you think ‘where is the gap in the market for me to make a lot of money?’ and spend your life like that the chances are you’ll fall flat on your face. You have got to have a passion for what you are doing.

In essence this is why I think that blog based websites are great for business owners. Most of them are passionate about what they do and a blog is a great way of speaking to your audience directly.

For me Design Credo is a business involved in using design to help communicate more effectively with wider audiences. Further to this design is a broad and varied subject with common themes, it would be wrong to ring-fence the sub sectors. Communication is a complex subject but I can see that people read this blog Australia, Texas, quite a few people in California. I could go on.

For now though I would like to offer a big thanks for the person in Dnepropetrovsk (Ukkraine) who spent some time reading these pages on July 18th. Perhaps you know the person from Poltava who visited a few days earlier on the 15th? Perhaps you are the same person, who knows?

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