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How Organic SEO Works: an Infographic

Search Process Infographic

Search Process Infographic

Sam Aspden came to us recently with a bit of a problem. She had bought a DIY ‘website in a box’ for her starter business in wedding stationery design but unfortunately the site was doing very little. In fact even if she spelt her own name out in Google she still struggled to find herself.

Now, two weeks on,

Yeah it is on Google page 1!!! You’re like the Superman, Yoda & Optimus Prime of the SEO world, all wrapped into one.What did you want for xmas?
Sam Aspden Designs

So what did we do to get this huge turnaround?

Well firstly a complete appraisal of the necessary basic for Google SEO and not unsurprisingly the site was very lacking indeed. There wasn’t a single h1 heading, nothing much in the way of descriptions and little SEO focus to the text content. Probably the most perplexing aspect of the site was the mass of redundant code. It would appear that as the site was being developed the interface generated code that wasn’t actually needed. Loads of it. We threw it out, loads of it.

So we simplified the site, and in so doing we simplified it graphically too which makes it easier to read when people get there.

Looking at the infographic the first thing to be understood is that much of the process that leads to someone getting to a site has nothing to do with design or visuals. Until the line in the middle is crossed the viewer hasn’t even reached the site. It is essential to understand the both steps necessary to get traffic to your site and the steps needed to engage, fascinate and captivate people’s attention and retain the hard fought for traffic.

What was so great about working with Sam was that she took on board what was needed. She now has;

  • A Twitter account
  • A Facebook page
  • A WordPress blog

In fact Sam set these up the day after our first meeting, top marks. She has also put effort into generating some new keyword rich text for the site that say very clearly ‘what she does’ and as importantly ‘where she wants to be doing it’.

Sam came to us after a recommendation from Sarah Treble, whose site we have created fully. This leaves us with a bit of a problem though, for many significant searches the two companies are vying for similar keywords.

Search Process Infographic as PDF

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