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Hi, anything I can help with?

twitter-logoOK, I seem to have stepped off he blogging planet recently. The truth is the time thieves have been out and un-necessarily so in some cases. My accountant suggested that I swapped my phone from a residential service to a business service. so I dutifully did so. Enter the abyss.

I know one of the rules of social networking is to be positive, no-one likes a whinger. However BT have led me to the edge and pulled me over. I rely on BT services, and generally they do the job, but the customer interface is appalling. At the point where the customer attempts to interface with BT it turns into some mythical beast with the power to split into many diverse parts, ‘oh no, that’s broadband not phones’, or ‘that’s a residential issue, not business sir’, or ‘no sir I can’t access that system’. This is the point where days of my life were lost. In the interim I found that,

  • None of my email addresses were recognised as email addresses by BT websites
  • When I subsequently used ‘Live Chat’ I had been sold another residential problem by Kim
  • The nice man from Wales (after Kim) chose to miss spell my name, giving me a great new email address
  • The nice man from Wales also chose to miss spell my password locking me out of my account
  • The nice man from Scotland who apologised for the nice man from Wales gave me a duff phone number to resolve it
  • As a reward for all of this BT charged me £31 for choosing to leave them
  • On a further Live Chat the nice man greeted me as Andrew, the name I have grown used to, and bade me a fond farewell as Anthony

So, we get the idea. Firstly I would like to thank Bhavana, she was polite and courteous and has cancelled the ridiculous charges. I would also like to thank the tech support man who helped me resolve a problem with the new router. But I would also like to thank the BT Twitter people, whoever they are. You see, I had sinned, I had vented some of my frustrations on Twitter and something rather strange happened

BT Tweet

So, I aired my frustrations and someone offered to help. That’s all we want really isn’t it?

I like to think that I am reasonably adept with technology. I’m not a total natural and for me this is useful, it helps me understand problems that customers may have who are novices. I found the BT website un-navigable, I’m sure the information is there but the bottom line is that their staff time costs them money, my time must seem cheap by comparison.

There is nothing revolutionary about,

Hi, anything I can help with?

but, in this instance the delivery of it was new to me,

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