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Heather Graham Doesn't do Christmas Either

I don’t really do Christmas very well, the same goes for birthdays. Recently I was somewhat buoyed by Heather Graham on the wireless saying that she didn’t care much for Christmas either. The reason that I found this reassuring was that she was clearly far from being a miserable person. So I have mentioned a famous person’s name a few times which may or may not improve the ranking of the blog. I was going to drop an image in but I suspect that would have been seen as gratuitous.

That said I have just bought a tree from the charity shop (aka. my tailor). It’s quite a nice little tree and currently sits in my kitchen awaiting festive adornment.  It will shortly be united with decorations bought recently in Barcelona and, being faux, will hopefully live to carry many memories on it over coming years. I don’t really get the tree snobbery thing either, ‘oh, it’s not real…oh?’ Well if it’s not real what exactly are we looking at, that would be an interesting shared experience. Last weekend someone told me that she had gone for an ‘adult’ tree this year. having had many years of trees dressed with the creations of her young children she admitted to being a victim to the pressures of her sophisticated friends, and so she had created a colour coordinated tree.

I must admit I do understand this reference point. I look at my abode and can’t really classify it as fully adult. Recently though I took a step towards this state by having pictures (with frames) on the walls. Of course it is the frames that makes the difference here.

Little boy in cafe has just come up to me waving a Christmas card, (happily).

Last weekend again I had an interesting shared experience with the children. On a trip to the local Habitat shop we all seemed to decide that we wanted to live there. It is unusual for them to share an understanding. Anyway we all wanted to live there, we wondered whether we could use the shop in the down-time. This would possibly offer a more adult living experience than my home?

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