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Hazelwood Holiday Park Brochure Print


OK, let’s cut to the chase, I love getting print back from the printers. Yes, it still feels like getting my exam results but I love it. Currently the office reeks of print and to me at least that is great news.

Design Credo have up-dated the annual brochure for Hazelwood Holiday Park in Dawlish Warren, South Devon. This latest brochure is part of a wider project for Hazelwood, we previously reported on the updating of their logo and brand. This brochure implements the updated logo and branding, at the same time the copy has been re-written by Samantha Shaw.

I guess for many people seeing a designer or printer checking the job might seem a little strange, examining the spine to see it’s been stitched correctly, checking the page-edges to see that it has been trimmed accurately and checking back with the original files on screen.

More than meets the EIZO

Recently we invested in EIZO monitor equipment provided by Native Digital. In addition we updated our monitor calibration technology with X-Rite equipment. Most monitors (even mac ones) typically only display around 65% of the RGB colour gamut, however the EIZO offers;

98% Adobe RGB Gamut Coverage and Non-Glossy Screen
Covering almost the entire Adobe RGB colour gamut means the display is physically capable of reproducing more of the colours from your original image, giving a more realistic representation on screen. Watch out for manufacturers who might quote gamut ‘size’ as opposed to ‘coverage’ – this is irrelevant as coverage is the important measure! The non-glossy, low-reflective coating on the screen makes it ideal for professional users who don’t want to see annoying reflections or artificially boosted saturation or contrast.

What this means is that our workflow benefits from ‘closed loop’ calibration, putting it simply the screen shows as closely as possible what the printed item will look like. Assuming the litho printer is doing their job correctly there will be no great shocks when the print is delivered. So the moment arrives when the print is delivered, it is compared with what is on our screen and, you know what? Yes, they match, perfectly! Bonzer!

So, in a nutshell, there’s more to getting a bit of print done than may meet the eye. Yes there’s design and copy, but there’s a lot of technical investment to get the job done correctly.

To view a low-res PDF of the brochure click here

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