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Hans Rosling’s 200 countries, 200 years, 4 minutes

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I have previously commented about my love of statistics so here is a quick plug for The Joy of Stats soon to be aired on BBC4. This video is here because Rosling is bringing the subject alive through the power of design and visuals. Look and learn.

Hans Rosling’s 200 countries, 200 years, 4 minutes

Hans Rosling’s famous lectures combine enormous quantities of public data with a sport’s commentator’s style to reveal the story of the world’s past, present and future development. Now he explores stats in a way he has never done before – using augmented reality animation.

In this spectacular section of ‘The Joy of Stats’ he tells the story of the world in 200 countries over 200 years using 120,000 numbers – in just four minutes.

Plotting life expectancy against income for every country since 1810, Hans shows how the world we live in is radically different from the world most of us imagine.

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