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Google Instant ‘blue arrow’, It’s Rude To Point

Google Blue Arrow

Google Blue Arrow

You are probably asking yourself,

“why is there a blue arrow next to the first Google search result?”

Did no one tell Google that it is rude to point? In case you haven’t noticed Google has a new ‘Blue Arrow’ tool that draws your attention to the first search result on the page if your are logged in or have Google Instant turned on.

In many ways it is a neat little tool, you can use the keyboard arrow tools to navigate through the search results. But, this small icon really does draw your eye to the first result. Also pressing the enter/return key takes you to the page associated with this result making it easy not to view alternative results.

There has to be a strong argument that this tool ultimately benefits the PPC rather than the organic, ‘non paid’ results. What do we expect, Google is a business, a very big business?

Could we perhaps have a green arrow too, yes green and organic please?