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Google Does Real-Time Search? From Exeter to The World and Back

When I first started designing for the web, search engine listing was a long (long) process; months at least before any signs of Search Engine Optimisation ( SEO ) bearing any fruits at all. At that time the main emphasis of SEO was Meta tags, not that SEO was a frequently used term then. There was a good awareness that meta tags would help a website to be found by a search engine, generally keywords were the main focus of early SEO.

For those who don’t know, and why should you? Meta Tags appear in the code that generates your web-page, (generally a right-click will give you a ‘view source’ option to see the source code). The code at the top is known as the head area, everything in here is vitally important but not seen. Well actually the page title is seen and is now extremely important.

I remember a particularly pushy customer (hiya Alex) instructing me to put some keywords in the meta tags area that I disagreed with. A couple of hours after we published his website Alex called me and asked me to remove the name of his opposition’s company from the keywords, apparently the MD of this company had taken exception to it being there.

So even in these early days SEO was gaining a general understanding although it could take months to get listings on search engines. Nowadays though things are much quicker, I still get surprised by it though.

I have a number of Google Alerts set up, Google sends me updates of terms that I have an interest in, such as ‘graphic, design, exeter’ ,’Topsham’, ‘SEO, Exeter’. I must tweak the Topsham one because I keep on getting news about people dying in car collisions with moose, there is a Topsham in Maine, as well as Topsham Devon.

Last week I posted a story about the Arts Award logo over coffee at about 8:30 in the morning. I met a client in the Boston Tea Party (Exeter) at 10:00 and, as I opened my Mac I received an email from Google notifying me of my own Blog, in particular the post that I had made less than two hours earlier. The story had gone from Topsham, Exeter, to wherever Google is and back to me in Exeter in under two hours, impressive stuff, particularly because my meeting was to talk about SEO for an Exeter company. I recognise that this will also set off a Topsham doctor alert too because I am clearly drinking too much coffee!

PubSubHubbub has been recently been discussed on the WebProNews website

Lots of sites out there already have PuSH technology in place. For example, WordPress and Typepad blogs have the ability to “PuSH” their content. That’s a lot of content itself. A lot of user-generated content, and that means the potential for spam is huge, which is why the trust factor is so important.
Chris Crum

The question that is being raised is about the quality of the material being indexed and this brings ‘Trust’ in as a factor or,

“meticulous online reputation management”

Well you can work out for yourselves what that entails, but for now be aware that SEO can bear fruits very quickly.

For the record this post was published on: Apr 6, 2010 @ 10:14Tuesday, returned as a Google Alert April 6, 2010 10:49

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