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How to Ensure That Your Blog Grows, (Give a Little)

Blogs are great, I love them. WordPress is a fabulous tool for a business, no question about it in my mind. I have previously written about how to set your blog up to improve its performance. So what more do I need to give?

You Need Energy

We all need energy

We all need energy

Energy, in a word, energy. The difference between a blog and a static site is that the blog will generally develop and grow, but this won’t happen without some form of input. (my Mac grammar checker told me off for using that term the other day, told me it was jargon).

So what for does this energy take, what do we do to aid the ongoing development?

  1. Blog. The first thing to is to actually write some posts, ideally fairly regularly. It’s not rocket science, why would someone visit your site if there is nothing new to read?
  2. Keep a Focus. Yes this is a bit ‘do as I say, not as I do’. I have previously commented the eclectic nature of this blog, but… Keep a focus, yes of course embellish, express your human qualities, but make it clear what the boundaries are.

Hold on there, you haven’t done yet, back to the keyboard.

  1. Tag your posts. When you write a post use the “post tag tool” to create some relevant tags. This will help search engines make sense of your post, put it in the correct box if you like. Ultimately it will help people to get to the post.
  2. Categorise your posts. Similar to above. A strong category structure is essential for the search facility to work properly. If you have a fairly wide working remit a good set of categories will help viewers mine down to what they are looking for quickly.
  3. Social bookmarking. Submit your post. Make sure Twitter, Stumbleupon, and the rest know about the post. Tweet your own posts, this blog has a Share This button, and a Tweetmeme button that allow me to self promote pretty easily. Beware though, no one enjoys total self promotion and adulation, but, if your post helps others, or helps promote your customers then why not?
  4. Give something for free. It may be advice, it may be something that will helps others without costing you too much time. What goes around comes around.
  5. Blogroll. Well we used to call them links. Again this site has a few and one of the (many) strengths of WordPress is that you can categorise them. A good set of links is a resource to others and a gift to your associates.

So what will my competitors make of this, won’t I be giving my secrets away?

The bottom line is to get real. Your competitors may already know all about you, who your suppliers are who your customers are. I would suggest that if they do you must be doing something right already for them to know about you.

The alternative scenario, the competition hasn’t even heard of you. Now there’s a thought.

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