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Giovanni Falcone & Paolo Borsellino

Giovanni Falcone & Paolo Borsellino

Following a comment from Twitter from Shushanah Tolley I have devoted a bit of online time to Giovanni Falcone & Paolo Borsellino. One image keeps on appearing, shown here via Wikipedia “The picture of both assassinated judges became an iconic symbol of the struggle against Cosa Nostra.”

…and so that smile shared one day on the job — captured by a photographer just months before they were killed — now hangs in nearly every Italian judicial office (and in schools and city halls across Sicily) alongside the usual portrait of the standing head of state. That apparently serene moment was taken in a brief pause amid the passion and inbuilt risk of their life’s work.

Source – Time Magazine

“One must accomplish ones duty until the end, no matter what sacrifices are endured, what ever it takes, beacause it is in this that lies the essence of human dignity.”
Giovanni Falcone May 18th 1939 – May 23rd 1992

“You can stop a man, but the strength of his ideas live on in other men.”
Paolo Borsellino January 19th 1940 – July 19th 1992

Source – The murders of Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino

Update 22-5-12

Sicily is a beautiful place. Last year I visited Palermo and the Menfi area. Recently I have been posting images of at my other website. I guess as we arrived at Palermo and waited to be be picked up I wondered about the name of the airport. As we drove along the road where these men lost their lives I knew nothing of that moment of history, it was only at a later date that I found out.

As I have been posting the images I can’t escape the fact that for me, Sicily and in particular Palermo is unlike any other place I have visited. Please enjoy.

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