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Exposure: Man in Quimper


These are in many ways ‘wrong’ but there is something about them that I like. Shot a few weeks ago in Quimper (Brittany) and my it seems a lifetime ago from the dullness of a Devon dull day. The light was complex, overly bright mid-day sunlight and dark shadows. The old man was brushing down his horse, neither seemed to be in a very good mood.

The first shot is a very small crop in from the centre of the file, highlights almost totally blown out. The lower shot is clearly unfocused with an un-managed exposure, un-yet there is something about the image that I like.

It is often easy to assume that images need to be technically correct to be ‘right’, I’m not sure. As with all of the images posted here I have avoided using Photoshop but the files have been ragged around a bit in Lightroom. I’m relatively new to the Lightroom workflow, still very much a newbie but I’m liking it. To me it really is a very good metaphor for darkrooms which is what it is meant to be.

As this man fettled his horse another parked his Aston on the market square, clearly times change. I guess I ought to pour some white vinegar into a small bowl an place it near my monitor, that way I would get the full ‘stop-bath’ experience to add to the digital darkroom.


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